The Philosophical Approach to Tasting?


How then do we reconcile the growing perception rift between wine students and connoisseurs on “great” wines? Let’s take things back to basics: Why do we taste wines, or fall in love with wines in the first place? Curiosity. Fun. Respect for nature’s great work. What binds wine lovers all around the world together is not so much a differentiation of their abilities to taste or judge wines. Rather, it’s a shared state of mind……

醒酒 ABC


繼如何品酒以後,如何醒酒是另一個葡萄酒初學者最常問及,與侍用葡萄酒有關的問題。近日有幸結識了於 Sarment 葡萄酒商現任葡萄酒總監,前任置地文華東方酒店首席侍酒師及曾於多家國際知名高級餐廳工作的 Sébastian Chevalier ,這位非常可親的法國先生無私分享多年工作經驗,解答了我對醒酒的諸多疑問。今天脫掉風趣幽默,不沾風花雪月,總結我倆言談中得出有關醒酒需注意的幾個重點,與同好此道者分享。

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