Ms M.S.


The juxtaposition of Ms and MS is intentional, in combination they make an accurate reference to only 21 accomplished women in the world to-day. This pair of prima facie identical prefix and suffix is a nature-nurture alignment attained by the resolution and very hard work put in by each and every female individual whom have […]



在德國Klingenberg的Noir 發現,一方面是這個Franken小區出色的Pinot Noir,另一方面是這個小鎮50年代,近年被製成荷里活巨片的驅魔故事!酒後夜遊這個中世紀小鎮聽Weingut Stadt Klingenberg 莊主詳講驅魔故事,參加古堡戶外葡萄酒派對…我這輩子大概不會忘記 Klingenberg鎮教人著「魔」的醇酒風情。不禁反思:推動葡萄酒文化,或許可以偏離品味人生,從玩味人生出發?

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