96 hours of Napa and Sonoma: Napa


This is a Google map-illustrated, stop-by-stop trip post of the Napa part of my 96 hours in Napa and Sonoma in early August 2014. In dedication to my Hong Kong wine buddies and all those whom are always short of time to travel but still want to see it all. Travelling America’s renowned Cabernet country and going off the beaten path, finding the way less travelled by, learning by experiencing, welcome to my world.

The Wine Goddess’ guide on becoming a Goddess


Meet Kathleen Lilly, the Wine Goddess and proud guardian of Bin 702, a quaint, Midwestern-looking boutique wine and beer bar located in Container Park, a hip area in Downtown Las Vegas. To Kathleen, Goddess is her optimal modus operandi of being a wine ambassador. Having faith in herself, embracing lifelong learning and respecting all those she comes across is Kathleen’s Holy Trinity. This is how a sassy, outspoken New Jersey girl evolves into a Goddess. We need more Goddesses like that, Amen.



在Las Vegas 下城區,一個走嬉皮風的小區 Container Park裏,有位自命 Wine Goddess的奇女子。她打理的wine bar Bin 702 剛拿了 Wine Spectator Award of Excellence。這位不賣九頭身、不是香港報紙娛樂版的「女神」,把肚皮舞文化的女神論帶到葡萄酒世界,「葡萄酒救了我」貫穿她的故事。對自己的一份自信、緊守終身學習的精神和尊重她生命中遇上的每一個人,三位一體,成就了Kathleen這位Wine Goddess。能有更多這樣的女神,多好啊。

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