Modern-day Glamping Gypsy


If you own a dictionary that you bought more than five years ago, chances are under letter G, the word “Glamping” has yet to set down its roots in the jungle of dictionary-worthy English words. Born a buzzword, this lovechild of “glamour” and “camping” found favour with modern-day travellers. Once a species of outdoor sport, […]

96 hours of Napa and Sonoma: Napa


This is a Google map-illustrated, stop-by-stop trip post of the Napa part of my 96 hours in Napa and Sonoma in early August 2014. In dedication to my Hong Kong wine buddies and all those whom are always short of time to travel but still want to see it all. Travelling America’s renowned Cabernet country and going off the beaten path, finding the way less travelled by, learning by experiencing, welcome to my world.

醇玩富士山 Mount Fuji and Her vinous spells


富士山四季分明的美景,讓這座名山被封為世界文化遺產,成為日本的旅遊名勝。寒冬裏,白雪封頂的富士山倒影在平靜如鏡的山之湖;深秋裏,富士山每條道路兩旁如火龍舞紅;春意正濃的時候,櫻花正開;在炎夏,蔚藍與青山綠水爭豔。這個離東京不過是兩小時的山水勝地,還有一個四時均引人入勝的特點: 這片福地成為了日本本地葡萄品種甲州(Koshu)的家。

The Four Seasons of Mount Fuji captivates visitors from around the world with its breathtaking scene changes in between seasons, one hinging on the others, smooth like Vivaldi’s genius musical strokes. This UNESCO World Heritage site has long since been one of Japan’s most popular tourism spot. Just merely two hours away from Tokyo, this blessed land is also the cradle of Japanese wine and the origin of Koshu, Japan’s own white grape variety.

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