Tuscan Daughters 托斯卡尼的女兒


An account of the history and development of Chianti Classico, Super Tuscans and Gran Selezione wine categories told with a fairytale touch. 童話式述說托斯卡尼葡萄酒的歷史及發展,不論屬於古典康帝、超級托斯卡尼、還是精選特釀級的葡萄酒,全都是托斯卡尼產區引以為傲的「女兒」。

遊訪意大利釀酒家族 Knowing Italy through Great Winemaking families

foto murialdo i colori dell'autunno in langa

Navigating Italy promises a vinous trip where one gets to hear household gossips of great Italian winemaking families and enjoy the variety show put up by talented modernist and traditionalist winemakers. To understand and explore Italy as a wine region, unlike France, specifically Bordeaux, it is not about prices or classifications. A great way to start is to the families. Italy is first and foremost all about families and traditions. A short walk down the path of time and one can outline the landscape of Italian wines by looking at what great Italian winemaking families have been doing over the past 50 years. As drinkers we are blessed with numerous chances to revere the essence of time, captured and preserved in flagship wines bottled by Italy’s formidable families.


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