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If you own a dictionary that you bought more than five years ago, chances are under letter G, the word “Glamping” has yet to set down its roots in the jungle of dictionary-worthy English words. Born a buzzword, this lovechild of “glamour” and “camping” found favour with modern-day travellers. Once a species of outdoor sport, […]




解構蘇玳酒區的煉「金」術 Alchemy Unveiled: The Golden Fog of Sauternes

Crus classés Barsac Sauternes 2008

位於法國波爾多 (Bordeaux) 的蘇玳酒區 (Sauternes) ,距離波爾多市中心大概65公里,盛產由長相思 (Sauvignon Blanc) 及賽蜜蓉 (Sémillon) 釀製,全球享負盛名的貴腐甜白葡萄酒。這個只佔波爾多酒區2%面積,產量上所佔份額更少,只有1%而已,又因所釀出來的酒偏金黃色,所以被冠以黃金玉液的美譽。

Located around 65 kilometres away from the city of Bordeaux, the Sauternes region boasts one of the most prestigious sweet whites in the world made from Sémillon and Sauvignon Blanc grapes. Sauternes takes up a mere 2% of Bordeaux’s total wine production area; in terms of yield, it only accounts for 1% of total volume of this renowned wine county. The rarity and limited quantity merits this wine the lovely calling: liquid gold.

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