96 hours of Napa and Sonoma: Napa


This is a Google map-illustrated, stop-by-stop trip post of the Napa part of my 96 hours in Napa and Sonoma in early August 2014. In dedication to my Hong Kong wine buddies and all those whom are always short of time to travel but still want to see it all. Travelling America’s renowned Cabernet country and going off the beaten path, finding the way less travelled by, learning by experiencing, welcome to my world.



在德國Klingenberg的Noir 發現,一方面是這個Franken小區出色的Pinot Noir,另一方面是這個小鎮50年代,近年被製成荷里活巨片的驅魔故事!酒後夜遊這個中世紀小鎮聽Weingut Stadt Klingenberg 莊主詳講驅魔故事,參加古堡戶外葡萄酒派對…我這輩子大概不會忘記 Klingenberg鎮教人著「魔」的醇酒風情。不禁反思:推動葡萄酒文化,或許可以偏離品味人生,從玩味人生出發?

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